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Building Brains

Over 6 self paced modules transform how you approach your relationship with the children and young people in your life. Perfect for parents, carers, teachers and others who regularly support children or young people. When adults possess this knowledge we can create significant changes in the behaviour and mental health of our children and teens, as you will learn in module 1 we have the power to create improved lifelong outcomes.

Module 1 - Development

Begin with learning about typical childhood and adolescent development. Feel confident in knowing what to expect as their brains, bodies and behaviours change throughout this time.

Module 2 - Attachment and Connection

Humans rely on each other for survival. Our attachment to safe adults is fundamental and in this module you will learn how to nurture these connections, enjoy your children again and have the building blocks to understand our next module. 

Module 3 - Understanding Behaviour and Managing Crisis

Old school behaviour management techniques just don't cut it in this new world of neuroscience, but that doesn't mean challenging behaviours no longer occur. In this session we target our parenting strategies to the part of the brain dominating our child in challenging behaviour and support them to create learning experiences to prevent future behaviours. 

Module 4 - Co-Regulation

Although you want the confidence to manage a crisis, prevention is always our best bet. Through co-regulation you will learn to intervene in challenging behaviours early, using supportive techniques to build those life long self regulating skills. In addition to this we explore technology use and boundary setting.

Module 5 - Mental Health

Navigating the health services can be overwhelming and being educated on what may be occuring for your child will alllow you to confidently articulate your concern, select best services and enable early intervention when mental health concerns occur.

Module 6 - Your Families Future

In our final session you will get the chance to integrate your learning and create a vision to use to guide the direction of your family moving forward including self care, nurturing your child's strengths and building on your key family values. 

Watch previous recorded version for free for a limited time or contact to arrange delivery tailored to your needs with the ability to ask questions directly relating to your experience throughout the course!

Building Brains

Building Brains

Building Brains
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Free Intro - The Key to Co-Regulation

Free Intro - The Key to Co-Regulation

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